Don’t piss away your profit potential with less than solid adult web hosting

If you are promoting adult entertainment online, you cannot screw around with your back end resources. For every second your website is down or serves up video slowly, you stand to lose money. Every second counts since in the online adult game, it is all about numbers. Your site needs to handle a huge rush of online traffic in the hopes of converting a few of the thousands of visitors you get daily into sales. As competition heats up from other sites cranking out tons of free videos that seem to get longer and longer, you need to hang on to each and every visitor your site gets. Nothing makes your site’s visitor’s click the back button faster than halting video, a site that goes down every so often, or other hosting problems. If you are serious about making serious money online with adult entertainment, you can’t afford to mess around with amateur mom-and-pop adult web hosting. These hosting ‘companies’ aren’t really companies at all but resellers of a larger company’s services. If you want to succeed in the increasingly competitive dog-eat-dog world of online adult entertainment, you need a host that is serious about making you money and has the tools and structure needed to help you make money off online adult entertainment, either as an affiliate or as a sponsor/paysite In other words, you need

Unlike many of its competitors, specializes in providing servers to the online adult entertainment industry. This means their server infrastructure has the mission critical and load handling capabilities adult websites demand. As you already know, adult sites blow through tons of bandwidth monthly. The amount of bandwidth mainstream sites and blogs consume are insignificant compared to the huge bandwidth load serving up streaming video, high-definition video, and webcam shows consume. You need an adult web hosting company that can scale up as your needs scale up. You need a company that has the infrastructure that will scale up to your success and traffic volume. You can’t find this level of service from hosting companies that don’t specialize in the adult industry. does. It has the uptime guarantees, technical support, and hardware infrastructure you need to generate serious money off adult online. Don’t play around with non-adult specialist hosting companies because you might just find yourself suffering from hosting outages and other technical hiccups at about the time your site starts experiencing success. Don’t gamble your online income on non-adult hosting specialists, order from today.


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